Common questions about the Windows 7

1. Why Microsoft’s new operating system called Windows 7?
Microsoft internal numbering system and the next Windows operating system is 7 according to the sequence.
2. If Windows 7 launch?
Windows 7 was launched on 22 October 2009.
3. Is there a beta or RC (release candidate) which can be downloaded?
Testing period for Windows 7 has ended. Get only the full version.
4. How many editions of Windows 7 was launched?
Microsoft has launched the sixth edition of Windows 7. Edition can be found is:
i. Windows 7 OEM
ii. Windows 7 Starter
iii. Windows 7 Home Premium
iv. Windows 7 Professional
v. Windows 7 Ultimate
vi. Windows 7 Enterprise
6. What are the features available in editions of Windows 7?
Every edition of Windows 7 comes with a set of features. In general edition of Windows 7 is more expensive or higher with additional features different than the less expensive version of Professional Edition for example more
7. Why Windows 7?
Many say why it is called Windows 7. Why seven and not eight? Here is the sequence that dealt in some web sites in cyberspace.
i. Windows 1 (Windows 1)
ii. Windows 2 (Windows 2)
iii. Windows 3 (Windows 3, Windows NT)
iv. Windows 4 (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME)
v. Windows 5 (Windows 2000, Windows XP)
vi. Windows 6 (Windows Vista)
vii. Windows 7 (Windows 7)

Windows 7 is said to be logical after the launch of Windows Vista and the seventh in a family and that’s why Windows 7 is selected for the operating system. Windows 7 is a significant development and evolution of the operating system user. It is an important effort in the design, engineering and innovation. Windows 7 is committed to ensuring the compatibility of applications for users.